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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100,000 is a big reason for me to jump! Thank You to all blogmates and visitors!

This is an ordinary number for some, most especially to people who live and breathe the internet. This is a number that may be a commonplace that we can ignore – why not!

However, for me 100,000 is a special number that plays around in my mind every day. First, I never imagined that exlinkeventsblog will reach the 100,000 visitors this year. Writing for me is the first and foremost objective of creating a blog. To write is to express regardless of what topics are at hand. To express is to be free. Freedom is something you struggle to achieve and enjoy.

In addition, to be read or even to be viewed for a second is like a clap that a speaker receives in public speaking. This is a natural high for the writers. It is my opium. Writing is one of my paradise amidst the chaotic urban city that we live in.

Lastly, lest I am mistaken for boasting this achievement let me correct this. All I want to do is to mark this milestone as special. But most of all, I just want to say thank you to all the readers and co-bloggers that helped me in allowing this blog to reach this milestone today, November 28, 2012.

Now my mindset is to get that 200,000 with meaning that is to continue the purpose of this blog to educate and inform about events management, M.I.C.E, conference, trade shows, expos and association events that are shaping the lives of many people and are making a big impact in the economy of our country and the world.

Eventually, thru my blog more M.I.C.E. Professionals are born and Event Management as an industry becomes one of the industries where Filipinos are declared by the whole world as number one! 

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